Varathon – Vara Network’s Hackathon Unleashing Web3 Innovation

Gear Foundation proudly presents Varathon, an online Web3 development hackathon spanning seven seasons across seven months. Rust developers are invited to explore the cutting-edge on-chain Wasm implementation based on the actor model and persistent memory. Join the edge of Web3 technologies and build remarkable projects on Vara Network!

Varathon TLDR Details:

– Season 1: May 29th, 2023, to June 21st, 2023

– 7 Seasons in total. 

– $35,000 Prize fund

– Available tracks: Ecosystem, NFTs, DeFi, New Things, Zero-knowledge, Gaming, and more!

What is Vara Hackathon about?

Varathon is an initiative hosted by Gear Foundation to foster a thriving ecosystem of bold and creative ideas. For seven months, Varathon provides an opportunity for developers to showcase their skills, connect with Web3 builders and investors, and unleash the full potential of decentralized applications. Each season, a portion of the $35,000 Prize fund is given to the winners!

How it Works:

  1. Registration: Join as a team or individual developer.
  2. Discord: Join our Discord community for organizational information and updates.
  3. Workshops: Participate in workshops led by Vara developers and receive guidance from experienced mentors.
  4. Submission: Submit your project before the season deadline.
  5. Demo Day: Showcase your project in the Demo Day event hosted by Gear Foundation.

Mentors & Judges of the Varathon:

After the Demo Day, participants will have the chance to connect with funding partners and potential advisors. Gear Foundation will invite Web3 experts and funding partners to serve as judges for the Varathon Demo Day.

Not Sure What to Build? 

Don’t worry; we’ve prepared a database of ideas and technical requirements to inspire you. This makes participation in the Hackathon easier than ever. While the database of ideas is suggested, you are not bound to them. 

Let your creativity flow! 

Available Tracks:

  • Ecosystem Support: Analytics, tooling, and sites for Gear awareness. 
  • NFTs: Collections that break new ground and include experimental aspects.
  • DeFi: Original work leveraging Gear’s Infrastructure.
  • New Things: Divergent ideas, including DAOs, decentralized internet, gambling, and all things weird.
  • Zero-knowledge: Advanced scaling and privacy contracts.
  • Gaming: Onchain or infinite games that utilize the WASM VM.

While these are the mentioned tracks, developers are not bound to them! Get creative and create new forms of dApps!

Why Build on Vara Network?

Vara Network is a standalone Layer-1 decentralized network running on top of Gear Protocol. It provides the ideal environment for developers to build decentralized applications without developing their own blockchains. Vara offers scalability, security, and efficiency, making it perfect for next-gen Gaming, Financial-based applications, and other modern use cases.

The Main Features of Vara Network:

  • Fast & truly decentralized Layer 1 blockchain network
  • Asynchronous messaging thanks to the Actor Model (Parallel processing) 
  • Idea Portal (library of dApp smart contracts)
  • Stable and upgradable network thanks to Substrate
  • Wasm support

Vara Network bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3 for developers, accelerating the adoption of decentralized applications. Built as a WebAssembly native blockchain, developers can write and compile in traditional languages. Additionally, Vara Network offers low transaction costs, staking, participation in governance, and future gas fee rebates.

Use Cases for Vara Network:

Vara Network offers a multitude of use cases, showcasing its versatility and potential impact across various industries. One prominent application is on-chain gaming, where Vara enables the seamless creation, exchange, and ownership confirmation of in-game digital assets using NFTs. With fast and cost-effective transactions, Vara becomes an ideal choice for highly loaded gaming applications.

Another compelling use case lies in financial-based applications (DeFi), where Vara’s scalability and low fees empower individuals to take control of their finances. By leveraging Vara’s infrastructure, developers can launch scalable DeFi applications. Vara’s support for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and governance structures revolutionizes organizations’ operations. It enables fully democratized & on-chain decision-making processes, ensuring every member’s voice is heard and fostering a more inclusive and equitable ecosystem.

In short, Vara Network’s flexibility and advanced features make it suitable for various applications. Its seamless scalability and efficient execution provide an ideal platform, addressing the complexities associated with traditional monolithic blockchains. Vara Network’s capabilities extend to on-chain gaming, financial-based applications (DeFi), decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), tokenization of real-world assets, and many others. Its robust infrastructure, scalability, and innovative features position it as a leading platform for Web3 development, opening doors to a new era of decentralized and efficient solutions.


Vara Network’s Hackathon, Varathon, presents an incredible opportunity for Rust developers to explore the innovative on-chain Wasm implementation and build on cutting-edge Web3 technologies. By participating in Varathon, developers can connect with like-minded individuals, receive guidance from experienced mentors, and showcase their skills to potential investors and funding partners.

Vara Network’s standalone Layer-1 decentralized network, built on top of Gear Protocol, offers fast and scalable solutions for next-gen Gaming, Financial-based applications, and various other modern use cases. Its features, such as stability, upgradability, and little to no governance, provide developers with a secure and efficient environment to deploy their decentralized applications.

Whether creating on-chain gaming experiences, revolutionizing the financial industry with DeFi applications, or exploring novel use cases such as DAOs and tokenized real-world assets, Vara Network empowers developers to push the boundaries of Web3 innovation. So, if you’re a Rust developer eager to build on the edge of Web3 and unleash your creativity, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in Varathon and join the vibrant community of Web3 builders on Vara Network. Together, let’s shape the future of decentralized applications and unlock the full potential of the blockchain revolution.

Are you ready to build on the edge of Web3? – Join Varathon and be part of the next wave of innovation on Vara Network!
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