Crypto Hunters TV Show & Mobile AR Game Interview

1. Could you start by telling us about the initial spark that ignited the concept of Crypto Hunters? Where did the idea come from and how has it evolved?

The initial spark for Crypto Hunters came from observing the growing interest in cryptocurrency during the pandemic. I noticed that many people were following the wrong influencers and getting misled. This led me to realize that people prefer to be entertained rather than taught. With that insight, the idea of Crypto Hunters was born. The concept evolved to create an ecosystem that combines entertainment and education through a TV show and an AR game. Our goal is to make learning about crypto, blockchain, and NFTs more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

2. Crypto Hunters is a fascinating blend of adventure-reality television and cryptocurrency. How did you integrate these two seemingly disparate elements into a cohesive show format?

Integrating adventure-reality television and cryptocurrency into a cohesive show format for Crypto Hunters was a creative challenge. We wanted to create a show that not only captivates viewers with thrilling adventures but also educates them about the world of cryptocurrency. To achieve this, we carefully designed challenges and quests that incorporate cryptocurrency concepts and technologies. We also ensured that the show’s narrative highlights the potential and real-world impact of cryptocurrencies. By combining entertainment and education, we have created a unique and engaging show that appeals to both crypto enthusiasts and mainstream audiences. So be ready and just wait for the release of the show. When you see it, you will know it.

3. How are you ensuring that Crypto Hunters is accessible to a broad audience, not just those well-versed in cryptocurrency?

We ensure that Crypto Hunters is accessible to a wide audience, not just those familiar with cryptocurrencies. The show is specifically designed to attract Web 2.0 people from the mainstream who may not have prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to entertain and educate viewers by introducing them to the world of crypto in an engaging and accessible manner. By combining entertainment value with informative content, we aim to make Crypto Hunters appealing and inclusive for individuals from all backgrounds.

4. Can you discuss your experience working with an elite team of Hollywood filmmakers, such as Bruce Macdonald and Bianca Goodloe, on this unique project?

They are smart and creative individuals who know exactly how to execute and present things to the end consumer. It’s a unique collaboration that allows me to learn something new every day. They assist me in making the right decisions and achieving success with the show. They play a significant role in the project’s overall success.

5. With a projected audience of over 500 million households, how are you planning to manage the distribution and global reach of the show?

With a projected audience of over 500 million households, we have a strategic plan in place to manage the distribution and global reach of the show. We are actively working on closing deals with streaming platforms and broadcasters in various countries. These partnerships will ensure that Crypto Hunters reaches a wide audience around the world, allowing viewers from different regions to enjoy the show and engage with its captivating content.

6. You have signed a production deal with EMP, a four-time Oscar-winning production company. How has this partnership influenced the production of Crypto Hunters?

The partnership with EMP, a prestigious production company with multiple Oscar wins, has had a significant impact on the production of Crypto Hunters. Working with such high-level professionals who have created successful films like Batman, 300, Jumanji and Rush Hour brings our production to a whole new level. The expertise and attention to detail that they bring to the table ensure that every aspect of the show is perfected, resulting in an exceptional viewing experience for our audience.

7. The $1,000,000 USD prize for Crypto Hunters is a substantial amount. How will this be delivered to the winners, and what are the stipulations, if any, on its use?

The $1,000,000 USD prize for Crypto Hunters will be delivered to the winners in a stable coin, ensuring a secure and reliable payment. As for the stipulations on its use, there are no strings attached. Once the winners receive the prize, they have complete freedom in how they choose to utilize it. We believe in empowering our winners to make their own decisions and fully enjoy the rewards of their success.

8. Could you talk about the casting process for Crypto Hunters? What qualities are you looking for in your contestants?

The casting process for Crypto Hunters is an exciting and comprehensive journey. We are in search of individuals with special personalities who are willing to take on a new and thrilling challenge. We have already conducted two castings in Dubai and London, and we have plans for a live casting in Los Angeles. Additionally, we are currently accepting online castings from interested participants. We welcome both experienced and inexperienced individuals in the crypto world to showcase their passion and join us on this incredible adventure.

9. You also have an AR mobile game, which is an intriguing extension of the show’s premise. Can you share more about this game and how it complements the TV show?

The AR mobile game is an exciting extension of the Crypto Hunters ecosystem. It shares the same concept of treasure hunting as the TV show but in a more interactive and outdoor setting. The game provides an educational experience while encouraging players to be active and enjoy the fresh air. It is designed to be a fun and inclusive game that can be enjoyed by families and people from different countries. There are various prizes to be won, including cash rewards, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

10. As the founder of Crypto Hunters, what has been your biggest challenge so far and how have you overcome it?

My biggest challenge as the founder of Crypto Hunters has been believing in myself and my ability to create something significant, especially when faced with skepticism from others who now ironically want to be a part of Crypto Hunters. I have overcome this challenge by staying true to my vision, believing in myself, and remaining focused on building something extraordinary.

11. Lastly, how do you see Crypto Hunters impacting or influencing the cryptocurrency industry? What are your hopes for its legacy?

I hope that Crypto Hunters will contribute to the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, not just in terms of cryptocurrencies, but in utilizing the true potential of blockchain technology for decentralized, simplified, and faster processes. My vision is for Crypto Hunters to leave a lasting legacy by showcasing the broader applications of blockchain and inspiring innovation in various industries beyond just cryptocurrency.