Lympid Debuts a User-Centric Platform for Exploring and Earning in Web3

Location, August 19, 2023 — Lympid, a groundbreaking platform that simplifies access to interest-generating products in the world of Web3, is pleased to announce its plans to expand its product offering. With Lympid, users can earn up to 15% annually, converting from EURO to US Treasury Bills, Aave, liquid staking, and many more. With Lympid you access a marketplace that connects EUR across on-chain interest-generating products.

The platform provides an easy gateway to existing protocols, allowing users to self-service products that best suit their needs. Lympid’s unique offering includes segregated accounts, ensuring total transparency with all operations and funds verifiable on-chain. The platform’s user-friendly interface guides users through a smooth journey to deposit EUR or crypto, explore and earn in Web3, and withdraw their profits in EUR.

Lympid Co-Founder, Joao Lages, states, “Our vision at Lympid is to empower anyone to access interest-generating products by simplifying the complex world of Web3. We provide a seamless pathway to go from fiat to decentralized finance, ensuring that we abstract the complexity while maintaining the transparency that blockchain offers. It’s about creating opportunities and making the Web3 environment accessible and transparent. We have a great number of awesome DeFi protocols and infrastructure but we now need customer-facing apps if we want to onboard new people to Web3”

Lympid stands out for its robust security and compliant features. Licensed and authorized in Europe, Lympid monitors transactions to keep users safe. The platform’s fiat and crypto holdings are securely held in European-regulated institutions. Furthermore, Lympid’s risk management system, developed by a team of experts, analyzes the inherent risk of each product, enabling users to make accurate decisions.

Lympid’s platform is supported by major players such as 1inch Decentralized Exchange, endorsed by Luso Digital Assets Crypto OTC dealer, and accelerated in the Chainlink build program. The platform ensures that crypto funds are segregated from the company funds, offering protection even in case of bankruptcy.

Lympid also introduces a governance token, rewarding users with tokens for using services. Locked tokens allow users to take advantage of better customer service, lower fees, copy trading, higher APYs, and Treasury income distribution. If users want to get a hold of the tokens before they hit the market, they can start winning them by referring new users or simply using the webapp.

Lympid’s customer-centric approach ensures that customer support is always a top priority. The platform is focused on Security and transparency, reflecting the company’s commitment to integrity and customer peace of mind. The issuer of the vIBAN account and all related fiat services is a European-licensed financial institution, with Lympid connecting to regulated entities in Germany, Estonia, and Malta.

For more information, please contact Lympid at [email protected] or visit the official website

About Lympid

Lympid was founded in 2022 with the mission of making passive income products accessible to everyone. The company has the support of renowned investors such as 1inch, Olisipo Way, Luso Digital Assets, and Clever Web3 among others. Lympid continues to innovate, expanding support for new products, assets, and languages, as part of its commitment to promoting widespread adoption of investing. 

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Note: Lympid does not manage your funds, take risks for you, use your virtual assets or Fiat to generate yields. Users should understand that investing in On-chain protocols has its inherent risks, and Lympid’s coverage vault and risk management system are measures to help make accurate decisions, not guarantees against potential loss.