DeFi Takes On Conventional Financial Services

Today, the world of digital assets has become so popular and accepted all over the world that it is considered to be one of the best investment platforms. During the pandemic year 2020, people needed an alternative platform for investments as almost every industry came down. That is when cryptocurrencies and blockchain gained so much. And along with that, millions of businesses went decentralized. People started to understand the potential of decentralized finance (DeFi). The total value locked today (TVL) in the DeFi industry is $81.97.In the year 2020, decentralized finance (DeFi) swept the crypto landscape. Even though the buzz had subsided by the end of last year, we are still seeing signs of its increasing success now, well into 2021.  The concept of DeFi is to use blockchain technologies to provide traditional financial services. Since the option of getting blockchain-based alternatives to traditional banks or brokerages is gaining importance and popularity, this area is now attracting a lot of attention. Moreover, platforms like Clever DeFi have brought decentralized financial services to the next level. DeFi makes transactions more transparent. Now to understand why it is so, let us first understand DeFi.What is DeFi?DeFi uses blockchain technology to provide financial solutions and this is accomplished by smart contracts, which operate independently of government or corporate control and without the use of intermediaries, greatly reducing the time it takes to complete operations. In the decentralized exchange, no interaction is involved. The entire process is controlled by automated applications built on top of blockchain platforms. Decentralized finance often provides an equitable and open financial structure in which everyone can participate.DeFi’s vision is to build an open-source, permissionless, and clear financial services ecosystem. Borrowing, yield farming, crypto lending, asset storage, and other services are available through the decentralized financial system. The advantage of DeFi over CeFi is that you have complete leverage of your properties and own the wallet’s main pair. And, users who want to participate in DeFi must access DeFi services through decentralized applications (dApps) based on blockchain platforms.Is the Future of Financial Services Decentralized?According to Peter Wall, CEO of global crypto mining company Argo Blockchain, with centralized institutions and banks continuing to fail communities seeking reliable financial independence, the need for an open, transparent, and safe system has become more evident. He says, “decentralized finance can offer improved transparency and more robust security while replacing many of the current outdated processes which can lead to a truly decentralized and democratized financial ecosystem.”Traditional finance, which requires central certifying authorities, such as central banks, to print money (currencies) to facilitate transactions, has been disrupted by DeFi. It’s also important to remember that currencies were designed to facilitate transactions to boost economic productivity. DeFi decentralizes centralized operations by providing free, global, and affordable alternatives (via an internet connection) to all modern financial services, such as loans and insurance. Cryptocurrency, as a component of DeFi, boosts economic growth by allowing transactions to be completed more quickly.Apart from the fact that DeFi allows you to have complete control over your money, and hence offers maximum security, (unlike conventional financial services), there are other reasons, which will support the point that DeFi can take over traditional banking services.To begin with, communicating with a DeFi device is not time-bound. As a result, they are accessible 24*7. They are also accessible anywhere there is an internet connection.Next, they strive to be inexpensive, not just because they use technology to be as fast and flexible as possible, but also because developers can deliver significantly lower fees due to the lack of intermediaries.Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it provides a way to reach out to the “unbanked.” A portion of the population who is unable to participate in the current financial system due to isolation, a lack of capital, a lack of credit history, or (in some cases) political or socio-economic injustice. DeFi is the solution to them.Clever DeFi: One-Stop Solution to Everything DecentralizedIf we look at the graph of DeFi’s growth, it is satisfactory and green. Therefore, only a fool would want to miss out on something like this. And with projects like Clever DeFi, things are even better. It is DeFi at its best. As per their website, CLEVER is a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Protocol that distributes AUTOMATIC INTEREST PAYMENTS to all CLVA Token Holders on a pre-programmed routine period schedule that takes precisely 34.15 years to complete over 888 fortnightly cycles.Clever DeFi protocol is something where you can put your faith completely. It is safe. CLEVER (CLVA) is a DEFI (Decentralized Finance) protocol that derives its meaning from a DDM (Decentralized Distribution Mechanism) embedded within the smart contract. It is an ERC20 Smart Contract written in Solidity that is deployed on the Ethereum network with the DDM framework strictly specified and hardcoded into the smart contract itself and cannot be updated after it has been deployed. Since the DDM contains a pre-programmed Ruleset that cannot be changed or rewritten, it ensures that no future changes can be made.Now, if you ask how much you can earn with CLVA, then the potential is maximum. Any wallet address on the Ethereum blockchain that holds any amount of CLVA will become a qualified beneficiary and will earn interest every period. Furthermore, there are no fees associated with buying or selling CLVA. Within cycles, you have complete freedom to transfer or submit your CLVA wherever you want. You can earn more interest when you buy more CLVA.Hence, Clever DeFi makes the most of smart contracts to make your financial environment more efficient and safer, as well as providing a solution to almost all of the problems with the conventional financial system.